Super Dancer Chapter 3 ever since its launch has been grabbing eyeballs with its super talented contestants and power-packed performances. The nation’s favorite dance reality show has not only got the viewers hooked on to the show but the celebrities too are openly expressing their desire to be a part of the show. One known celebrity who has been trying real hard to somehow be a part of Super Dancer Chapter 3, is Bollywood choreographer Marzi Pestonji.

Marzi has been trying his luck to get involved in the show and witness the mind-blowing performances of the kids. For the same, he approached Shilpa Shetty multiple times but she kept avoiding him for some reason. Since it did not work with Shilpa, Marzi then approached Geeta Kapur. But she too avoided him. As desperate as he was, he gave it a final try and approached Anurag Basu who spoke to him and then invited him on the show.

Since Anurag Dada is out this week for his movie commitments, he has ensured that he has Marzi to fill in for him. Sources on the set said, “Viewers will see Marzi join Shilpa & Geeta for this weekend’s episode. Marzi who himself is a brilliant dancer, was left awestruck when he saw the young kids perform with such confidence and agility. Marzi thoroughly enjoyed his time on the sets interacting with the participants and their Super Gurus and yes, Shilpa & Geeta confessed that they were avoiding his calls on purpose as they were playing a prank on him.”

Marzi was super impressed by the performances especially of Tejas Varma. When Marzi learnt that Tejas has huge fan following on social media, he asked Tejas for a selfie with him and post it on his social media and ask his followers to follow Marzi too. After knowing that Shilpa is sponsoring Tejas’s education, Marzi said, Shiamak Davar’s dance academy will sponsor his dance education for lifetime.