The show RadhaKrishn has been keeping the audience hooked for a long time now. Not just the lead characters but the supporting roles are also gaining a huge fan-base. The recent addition to the show ‘Chandravali’, played by Preeti Verma has been getting a lot of love from the viewers, especially for her look in the show.

However, we hear that Preeti Verma will soon bid adieu to her fans, as Radha’s ‘Irshya’ (Jealousy) chapter comes to an end. Undoubtedly, Preeti Verma portrayed her character of Chandravali very well and stayed true to the expectations of the audience. Though Preeti had a short stint as Chandravali, the actor boats a memorable experience on the show.

According to Preeti, “It was a great experience working on such a beautiful and positive show. I absolutely loved the cast and crew and am hopeful to keep in touch with them. This show will always be very special to me”.

Well, let’s see what’s next for Preeti Verma